Legions & Legends Title

A New Fantasy Action RPG from the Creators of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The Game

Fight As One

Strategic real-time combat motivates you to employ your entire party

Power Through Collection

Collect powerful Legends with unique stories and devastating abilities

A World Worth Saving

Explore an extraordinary world threatened by the return of an ancient enemy


Get Early Access to Gameplay


Journey through endless realms brought to life by our captivating concept art!

Enter The Fantasy

Where unlimited storytelling begins


Embark on new quests with fellow gamers to discover updates and new art on Project Legends

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Play Forever Pass™

Azra’s Play Forever Pass™ unlocks a private Discord, early looks, exclusive invites, and epic drops. Plus, the pass is tradable and benefits the holder for all Azra titles. Only 5,555 were ever made!

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Azra Games believes that the childhood experience of owning, battling and storytelling with everything in your toybox is the most immersive form of gaming. We are dedicated to recapturing that freedom for the modern era.

Founded by veteran game designer Mark Otero, best known for Electronic Arts’ top-grossing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Azra Games is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, NFX, Play Ventures, Franklin Templeton, Coinbase Ventures, ROK Capital, and a syndicate of luminary supporters.

Mark is joined by a seasoned development team that has worked together on blockbuster titles. Credits include Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, and more.

Azra Games is on a mission to evolve the RPG genre to new heights.

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